Alan Baddiley

Alan Baddiley -  Artist



Alan Baddiley was born in Wellington in the post war baby boomer years, and his earliest memory of school was at Taita Primary School where his art teacher, Mr Ritson, instructed him to “fill the page, cover all the paper” an adage he still abides by today.  He then moved onto Hutt Valley High School where he describes himself as being extremely academic with an avid interest and talent for classical music.

Despite these creative interests, Alan decided to pursue a career that would take him places and take him places it did.  He travelled extensively, living and working in London, Saudi Arabia, and Dubai, managing container shipping services. On his return to New Zealand in the 1980's he went into business on the Kapiti Coast, branching out into house construction and renovation until retiring in 2014.

Alans’ interest in art had always been there though and his store house of memories of the years spent travelling and the things he had seen eventually inspired him to start translating them.  His desire to work quickly and his attraction to colour and abstract forms drew him to experiment with acrylic paints and odd shaped pieces of building materials which all made sense to Alan as these were the tools and materials he had been using in the building trade for years.

He was encouraged by family and friends, and as his confidence grew he started to use canvases. Being a practical sort of person he began making his own which also gave him the freedom to keep playing with different sizes and shapes, the realisation being that work need not be confined or restricted to right-angled frames.

After a brief mentoring by a local artist, he was encouraged to exhibit his work, and has gone on to refine his style, and explore the depths of the abstract medium.

Alans work process is spontaneous and free which often results in many variations and deviations from the original inspiration but Alan is happy with this as it is precisely these elements of chance that often give his work that special element.   It is not uncommon for some of his paintings to be unwittingly painted up-side- down........ Such is the flexibility of abstraction.

Alan is a foundation exhibitor at Tutere Gallery & Creative Space, Waikanae Beach and his latest works can be found there, year round.

He has also exhibited at the Mahara Gallery, the NZ Art Show, Charles Fleming Village, Deane Artspace Kapiti, and the Bowen Gallery and is a regular exhibitor on the Kapiti Arts Trail.


Alan Baddiley