Averil Maher

Averil Maher – Story by Tony Cutting


Averil impressed me the first time we met and this positive impression grows the more I get to know her.  I hope you enjoy Averils story and it helps you to get to know her a little as well.

Averill was born in Paraparaumu. So, she is truly a local girl working to help local businesses.  We share a passion for helping people.  Averil describes herself as having an enquiring mind, flexibility, a love of learning and teaching and is very customer focused.  

“I work in a holistic manner, I am solution focused and aim to bring the best out in people. I believe you have everything you need inside yourself to achieve your dreams. It is my role to draw that out in a way that feels natural and satisfying.”

Those early years

Averil attended Paraparaumu primary school and remembers having to lay down on the mats for nap time.  “I never saw the benefit and found it very hard to stay still”.  While at Paraparaumu School she remembers, enjoying being the ‘Milk Monitor’.

Averil left Paraparaumu when she was six years old, the family moved to Levin and she attended Levin school. Her best memories at school were the friends she made, one of these primary school friends is still a very good friend today.

Horowhenua College

Averil enjoyed learning while at school and College was no different.  She confesses to being more of an academic than sporting pupil with her favourite subjects being History and Geography.

She enjoyed “the occasional foray into sports” but never played any seriously.  Averil was in the college choir and many school stage shows, she also performed with the Levin Little theatre.

She loved taking part in in the theatres Christmas pantomimes.

Travel Bug

After college Averil got the travel bug.  She left college intent on travelling.  She secured work with the Magistrates court before finally heading overseas (age 19).

The travel bug has never left Averil, she still loves to travel and does so as often as possible.  Her most recent trip included travelling to Australia and the USA to participate in further development of her business knowledge.  Travelling and learning – what a smart way to approach life.

Work History

In her early working life Averil took on a variety of jobs.  These varied from Sales to Administration positions.  However, for the past twenty years she has been self-employed which gave her the flexibility she wanted while raising her family.  She tells me “the most useful thing I have learned by being self-employed is self-reliance and persistence.” “Being self-employed has given me huge scope to learn and develop as a person as well as in business.”

Averil Maher is a Professional ‘Stress’ Consultant, Qualified Life Coach and Business Coach, NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Facilitator, Trainer and Hypnobirthing Practitioner.

Averil has worked in therapy, stress management and coaching for the last ten years.  One of the main reasons she decided to venture into the field of stress management was she was personally stressed.  Averil had three small, very active children and was running a business from home.  It was a very hectic time for her.  So, she learned all she could about stress for her own benefit, then trained in the field to help others.

“Stress management has featured in every service I have offered to clients to some degree” she tells me.

“Many of my clients were stressed or overwhelmed because of their business, so, as I was helping them untangle the stress in their personal lives and in their business, it seemed a natural progression to offer business coaching”

Activities outside of work?

Averil enjoys spending time with her family, she loves music, dance and practices Chi Kung.

 (Chi Kung is an ancient Chinese form of movement exercise that promotes the flow of Chi ‘vital energy’ through the body).

She also enjoys working on her own personal development and travelling of course.

What do you like about your current business?

As a Business Coach, Personal Development Coach and Trainer Averil gets great satisfaction from helping people.  Being in the coaching field she gets to see the amazing transformation people go through as they develop both personally and professionally

Major Achievements?

I asked Averil what her major achievements in life would be.  She replied with

“My married life has taken me to different towns and countries, but we decided to settle back in Kapiti to provide continuity of education for our children.

I mentioned that travel has always been important to me so when my husband was looking for a new contract several years ago, I suggested he spread his search wider and look in Australia and the UK.

Well, that lead to us deciding to pack up the kids, sell the house and move to England.”

“People thought we were crazy to take the children so far away when they were so young. They were five, seven and nine years old at the time. However, I believe that travel broadens the mind, so within 2 months of deciding to move, we were in London. We had a marvellous time living and working in England, and the kids still talk about our adventures. “

“When we returned to New Zealand in 2001 we settled in Peka Peka on a lifestyle property and have been there ever since. I feel so blessed to be close to the beach and have space around me.”

“I have travelled quite a bit, but nothing beats the feeling I get travelling home from Wellington Airport than when I reach Pukerua Bay and suddenly see Kapiti Island. It’s not until I see Kapiti I truly feel that I’m home.”

What does the future have in store for you?

“Building my business by helping others grow theirs. Because I was born here on the coast and raised in Levin, I have a real soft spot for both these communities. I really want these towns to succeed so I hope to help local businesses flourish and help build the economy.”


I wish you well Averil and look forward to working closely with you in the future. 

Averil Maher