Heather Knewstubb

Heather Knewstubb is the Kapiti Coast's very own Time Genie...

Heather was born in Christchurch.  Her mum Patria Campbell was a primary teacher and lived until 2017 when she reached the grand old age of 96.  Her dad was Ray Campbell.  He had his own decorating business and was skilled at wallpapering and painting.  Ray died in 1986 aged 73.

Heather has three siblings 

Lionel Sharman – born when Heather's mum was 16 (long story), and adopted out. The family found out about him in 1987. He is a retired forensic scientist, living in Lower Hutt and turns 80 this year (2018).

Bruce Campbell – lives in Lowry Bay. Is a business broker – semi retired, aged 71

Lyndsay Campbell – lives in Rototua also semi-retired aged 69. She is a councellor and writer. Her first e-book, a historical novel set in NZ is to be published in October.

"I had an infamous uncle (my dad’s brother). He completed his law degree after settling in England after the war and marrying an English girl. He was the first NZ'er to become a High Court judge and Queens Councellor.  In about 1982 he blotted his copybook by being arrested for smuggling whiskey and cigarettes on his boat between Guernsey and England! He was dismissed and had to move down to Folkstone  - causing great embarrassment to his family! He died in 1994."

Husband – Chris.

"We have been married 35 years.  He was originally a social worker but since 1992 has been doing IT. He works as a Warehouse Data Analyst for MSD."


Heather has two adult children.

Heather attended Addington Primary School and South Intermediate in Christchurch.

"I had good teachers and friends. I was selected for a representative choir for the two years I was at intermediate for a school music festival.  I also played netball and softball and sang in the choir."

I had plenty of friends and was pretty social at primary school"

Boarding School

"I am the youngest in my family by 11 years, so grew up almost like an only child. Because of this I was sent to Timaru Girls High as a boarder. I was very homesick for the first term, but once I accepted that I had to make the most of the opportunity I settled in and had a ball. Our year group regulary keep in touch and have proper reunions about every 5 years."

"I was not very sporty but did get involved in all choir and musical events"

"I went from being quiet and homesick to very social and always in the middle of what was going on (all good, clean fun!). My boarding school friends became like sisters to me and I got on well with everyone. My nickname there was Horace and only that select group of women (we are all 58 now!) are allowed to call me by that name."

"I found school enjoyable and challenging and managed to meet all my academic milestones comfortably."

Work History

"I was accepted into Christchurch Teachers’ College from the sixth form.

I taught for fifteen years (full time, then when the kids came along part time). I worked in Christchurch, Invercargill and Lower Hutt.

In 2000 I became an Educator for Life Education Trust which teaches health and drug education in a mobile classroom. I did this for four years, job sharing with a friend while I continued studying. I completed a Diploma in Pschology.

I loved that job but after four years was ready for a change. I got a job as a Health Promoting Schools Advisor with Regional Public Health. I worked there for nearly 10 years in various roles, ending up as a manager of a team of 12 people. During this time I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health."

"In 2014 I moved the Ministry of Health as a Senior Project Manager for the Suicide Prevention Action Plan. This was interesting and important work but hard emotionally – so I gave myself two years then moved to the Health Promotion Agency as a Senior Advisor on a 12 month contract.

I now work 20 hours a week as a Health Promotion Advisor for the Cancer Society National Office and I am overseeing the SunSmart Schools programme. This small job suits well as I try to build my Time Genie business. National Office looks after national programmes such as Relay for Life, Daffodil Day, SunSmart Schools and cancer research."


"Since living in Waikanae I have started a book club (once a month)  and a singing group (every 2nd and 4th Wednesday night)."

"I enjoy my Cancer Society role. I work with great people doing very important work. It can be frustrating working for an NGO as there is no money. Eg we desperately need a new website but can’t afford to do it properly."

How would you describe yourself to other people?

"Busy, organised, social"

"I am proud of myself for coming to a new place and being proactive to start groups that I wanted to belong to but didn’t exist.

I am proud of and feel lucky to have been happily married for 35 years with two awesome kids.

I am pleased that we have managed to get to know a great group of people in Waikanae and when we have an event at home can fill the lounge with people!"

Thinking forward what does the future have in store for you?

"I hope that Time Genie will take off and I no longer have to go into Wellington to work. I love organising things and helping people and that’s what TG is all about. In the long term I would like to employ other people and create opportunities for others  in the Kapiti community.

I am a social person and I am really enjoying the networking opportunities that I am getting involved in. I am looking forward to being an active member of Kapiti Now."


Heather is building a personal concierge service on the Kapiti Coast 'Time Genie' which will help those very busy people to get the things they need one in life, reduce stress and emable them to focus on other important tasks.

You can find out more about Heathers business 'Time Genie' via her website http://timegenie.co.nz/






Heather Knewstubb