Jill Burns

Jill Burns – Business Owner of NZHL (New Zealand Home Loans) Kapiti Coast.


After 21 years of banking experience and the opportunity to take redundancy it was time for a change of pace and career. This took me from Auckland to Kapiti and then a 2 year term as co-owner and master baker for Muffin Break in Coastlands Mall.

Although a fantastic challenge which drew on many skills I had mastered over the years; customer service, training, managing teams, HR, and cash handling it also gave me an opening into business management. However, it was the opportunity to help others financially that drew me back to the finance industry.

Starting in the Wellington Office of NZHL in 2001, as the Office Manager I then moved to Lower Hutt as the Team Leader of the Client Services team. May 2010 I moved into business ownership and have never looked back.

It gives me great satisfaction knowing we are helping families get ahead in life and removing some of their financial stresses, as well as getting rid of that mortgage as quickly as possible. At NZHL we show clients how NOT to pay all the interest of a standard mortgage, which can equate to the value of the original debt! We put a plan in place, provide the tools to help them monitor their progress and then perform regular reviews until the home loan is fully repaid. In the first year it is a minimum of 4 times!! We show our clients how to build goals or milestones into the plan and what the impact might be should a salary reduce or a goal take place.


Jill Burns