Judi Thompson

Judi Thomson

From Physiotherapist, Shop Owner, Launchman to Proof-reader and Copy Editor - Story by Tony Cutting


Judi lives in the beautiful seaside town of Plimmerton. Most of her working life was spent working in her career as a physiotherapist. Since then she has turned her hand to a number of businesses and now is focusing on building a business using her years of experience and recent training in Proofreading and Copy-editing.


Here is Judi's story

Judi was born in Kaponga, Taranaki. Her mother, Rebecca Mulcock raised five children (Hamilton, Grace, May, Lorna and Judi.) She died far too early at forty-seven years old. Her dad, Laurie Mulcock was a Lawyer, then an Agent for Government Life Insurance. Laurie also founded, edited and published a magazine based on Spiritual Healing-‘Wholeness.’ Laurie died during his seventy third year- he was a very special person. 

Judi lists her nephew Steven Joyce (Minister of Finance) as her famous relative.

She attended Kaponga Primary school for a short time before moving on to Stratford Primary School. She has happy memories of primary school life ‘particularly when I had male teachers’ she tells me.

Judi would describe herself as a sociable ratbag, always keen to put her hand up during class. She would often get in to trouble for too much conversation in class!


St. Mary's Diocesan School for Girls

Judi was one of a few 'Day Girls' at St. Mary's which was a boarding school. She describes this period of her life as ‘enjoyable years’- they were strict and had very high standards. She worked hard and achieved. During her time here she played Hockey for the First XI and tennis. Her favourite subjects at college were French, English, Latin, Geography and Music.  

She gained both School Certificate and University Entrance.

Judi described herself during these years as ‘always a social ratbag-ready to push the boundaries.’


New Zealand School of Physiotherapy

Judi studied for three years in Dunedin at the New Zealand School of Physiotherapy. She thoroughly enjoyed university life where she tells me she still had a very sociable approach.

Working Life

Judi qualified from NZ School of Physiotherapy, worked in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom as a physiotherapist, sometimes in hospitals and also in private practice in South Auckland.

After a long and successful career as a physio, Judi established a 'Card Circus' retail shop in Taupo-a laugh a minute- which she sold after about four years. She then ventured into being a self-employed launchman, gaining her Local Launchman's Licence for Lake Taupo where she established a charter business, ‘Canape Cruises.’ Work on the lake was very enjoyable.

Plum Proofreading

Judi now runs Plum Proofreading - her business - to help other people with their important documents and communications. She loves the written word, really enjoys finding mistakes and correcting them and completing a perfect document.

In her spare time she enjoys Aqua-jogging and walking her dog (for fitness.)  She has her own electric bike "which is FUN!" Judi knits and enjoys watching tennis on television especially when major events are being played.

She is ‘Loving Life’ at seventy years young, enjoying a semi-retired lifestyle, but still enjoys taking on projects.

"I feel I have lived life to the full - no regrets.”

Judi is a Committee Member of her local Resident’s Association and enjoys participating with them.

"I have a beautiful black Labrador dog and a Burmese cat who are my great companions. I have been in Wellington for 81/2 years-it is the best place to live. I also have two gorgeous grandchildren - 8 1/2 and 7 years - I love catching up with them regularly, watching their participation in sports and seeing them progress and romp in to life.”

Major Achievements to date?

Looking back, she lists her major achievements:

“Physiotherapy Diploma, Local Launchman’s Licence, Diploma in Proofreading and Copy-Editing and raising two Guide Dog Puppies. I have two lovely children-one a vet and one a successful self-employed businessman with a double degree in Finance and Marketing. I am very proud of them both."

Looking into the future

"My twilight years will be wonderful as long as my health is good. I live on the seafront in a beautiful ‘village’ atmosphere, modern sunny home with views to die for!!"


Thanks for sharing your story Judi.  I look forward to many more chats at our monthly business meetings over the coming months and years. - Tony C

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