Lynette Barrow

Lyn has enjoyed a long career in business administration and management in Palmerston North and Wellington.

A couple of years or so before retiring from the corporate world Lyn was introduced to Melaleuca 'The Wellness Company'  She started shopping with them and quickly became aware of how superior the products were.  And it made it easy for her to do her bit for the environment.  Not only that, but with her long-time interest in health and wellness, Melaleuca’s leading edge supplements fitted with her philosophy of practising preventative medicine and her belief that ‘prevention is better than cure’.

It’s fantastic, she says, that the company is across the major worldwide trends of the 21st Century, namely, ‘Going Green at home’, ‘Taking care of the Environment’, ‘Wellness’, ‘Shopping Online’ and ‘Working from home’ via their unique, patented business model ‘Consumer Direct Marketing’.  Melaleuca is acknowledged for its outstanding 32 year track record and also for not being a Multi-level marketing company.  In December 2017 it reached the milestone of $2 Billion in Annual Sales in 18 countries around the world. 

Eventually Lyn established her own brand - ‘Sustainable Solutions 4u’.

Lyn has a passion for helping people and Sustainable Solutions 4u’ is about providing solutions for everyday health concerns via Melaleuca’s wonderful products.  “We offer families many options to meet their household needs through Melaleuca’s Total Wellness Concept of Physical Wellness, Environmental Wellness, Financial Wellness and Personal Wellness.” 

Lyn is grateful every day for her own good health, energy and vitality.  With a family history of heart disease and arthritis, she is proud to be a product of the products.

When asked to highlight some of her achievements in her business Lyn listed:

  • Helping others work towards their financial and wellness goals
  • Attending the 25th Convention of Melaleuca in America in 2010 – one of only four Kiwis to attend that year with a group of around 30 from Australia with 9,000 delegates from 18 countries around the world
  • Achieving ‘Top Team in NZ’ in a Fast Track competition in 2011 and earning a luxury holiday in Fiji with her husband
  • Qualifying to attend ‘Road to Senior’ complimentary training in Australia
  • Attending annual Conventions in Australia

Lyn’s passion for wellness means that she’s always been active, playing tennis, badminton and squash, and many years of attending ‘Get Fit’ classes, gym programmes, Tai Chi, Pilates.  These days, Lyn enjoys and values her daily walks and home exercise regime and gardening.

Lyn has long been involved in networking groups, and sees them as a critical part of business these days.  She was invited to join the Kapiti Chamber of Commerce Executive and served in a voluntary role for 5-6 years as Events Coordinator.  During that time Lyn founded the Kapiti Women in Business network and she now serves as Chair of the Women in Business group and on the Chamber Events Committee.

What does the future hold?

Lyn says she continues to be passionate about helping others, and especially about connecting others.  She says the best possible vehicle for her is through her business and her business networks. 

Family has always been the first priority and life has revolved around holidays and visits.  It continues to be her ‘Why’ for her business, because it’s her business that gives her more choices.

‘I still have much I want to achieve through my business’, Lyn says ‘and there are many more people to help –so, in line with the mission of the company, I am on a mission of enhancing lives, one household at a time’.


Find out more about Sustainable Solutions 4 U on Lyns website


Lynette  Barrow