An Appeals Version of the Proposed District Plan is now available online

The Kāpiti Coast District Council has made an Appeals Version of the Proposed District Plan (PDP) that bookmarks all provisions of the original version that are currently under appeal, and can now be read online.

Mayor K Gurunathan says that a total of 18 appeals have been lodged to the Environment Court and Council will work with all the parties to resolve the outstanding matters. He says that having only 18 appeals to such an involved process is a positive outcome.

“The new District Plan provides a stable platform to enable sustainable communities to grow and thrive.”

The parts of the PDP that aren’t subject to appeal assume more weighting than the current Operative District Plan 1999 provisions. Any rules in the PDP not subject to appeal must be treated as operative.

To read the Appeals Version of the PDP, see the Council’s website at