Kāpiti Coast District Council is advising Mazengarb Road and Guildford Drive users that fixes to the failed chipsealing work are planned for early next week.

Acting Group Manager Infrastructure Services Tony Martin says the Council knows this isn't ideal however Downer, who are contracted to do the work, have advised that due to the wet weather that is forecast over the next few days this work cannot happen this week as hoped for. 

"Resealing work is sensitive to temperature changes and general weather conditions so Downer really needs a good run of weather. 

"Once the work starts it will be done over two days and traffic management will be in place.

“The new seal will need to settle before final sweeping and linemarking so there will be small chips on the road surface for a few days afterwards," Mr Martin said. 

The Council is continuing to advise people with concerns to contact them on 0800 486 486. 

Regular sweeping of the loose chip will continue and a 30 km/h speed limit remains in place.