Council hears community feedback on plan

Over three days and two evenings this week, councillors have heard from nearly 120 locals and groups with their feedback on the Council’s draft long term plan.

Mayor K Gurunathan says he’s grateful to the many people who made the time to visit the Council Chambers and speak with them.

“We’ve heard from a real cross-section of Kāpiti people on topics from rates and rubbish, to sports and toilet facilities and the environment,” says the Mayor.

“The democratic process saw us hear from many of the individuals and groups we’re lucky enough to have in Kāpiti.  All passionate about our community and dedicating an enormous amount of time and energy to making Kāpiti a better place to be.

“We’ve also heard from some people facing very real challenges, from living with flooding concerns to worries over making ends meet due to increasing rates.  Others have challenged our definition of fairness and affordability.  I appreciate that many have shared very personal stories, so that councillors around the table can better understand their world.

“After three days councillors have come away with an immense amount of food for thought.  It won’t be easy to weigh up – on many topics we’ve heard contradictory pleas and differing priorities from different submitters.  Every submission is important and we will work through all to arrive at a balanced outcome.”

Once adopted, the long term plan will be a roadmap for the District for the next 20 years.

“It’s important to get it right – and we’re pleased to have heard from so many Kāpiti people as we shape the plan.”

The next long term plan workshop will be held by the Council on 31 May and the plan is due to be finalised in late June.