After a month of online and face-to-face community conversations on the draft long term plan Kāpiti councillors are getting ready to settle down to the task to reviewing community feedback.

Formal consultation on the Council’s 20-year plan ended on Monday, with over 350 submissions received. The plan covers the whole range of Council services and facilities, including how these are funded and how costs are shared among the community.

Mayor K Gurunathan says he’s pleased to have heard from many Kāpiti people.

“It’s a plan that affects our whole community, and it’s great to see that so many people have taken the time to get involved and share their thoughts with us,” says the Mayor.

“To ensure Kāpiti locals had the information they needed before providing their feedback, we’ve been out and about at a range of community and Facebook events during the past month, and responded to many questions and comments about our work.

“While we were seeking feedback on our draft plan, including proposed changes to on our rating system and our approach to stormwater, we also invited feedback on any other aspect of our work.

“The councillors and I look forward to working through this input, and hearing from submitters who have asked to speak with us. With this feedback in mind we’ll then review our draft plan, and make final decisions by the end of June.”

People who asked to speak to the Council about their submission will be contacted shortly to arrange a time. Hearings will take place during the week of 14 May.