After an initial survey of community views in March this year, Kāpiti Coast District Council is inviting formal submissions on Stage 1 of a districtwide speed limit review. This is the first part of a two-year process to ensure roads in the District are safe and operate efficiently, in conjunction with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

Community members who have already commented as part of the initial survey may also choose to be part of this next round of consultation by completing a detailed submission form. Submitters can comment on all or specific proposals for a speed limit change.

Changes are proposed on 36 roads in ten areas throughout Kāpiti. These roads and areas were chosen for review based on the level of safety concerns different roads present and whether there has been significant change to the road environment since speed limits were set.

The online and downloadable submission forms are available on the Council’s website along with a full list and maps of the proposed areas of change.


Consultation is open for a month until 14 May.


About other speed limit reviews:


  • The Council’s review of local roads is separate from NZTA’s speed limit review of old SH1 roads between Raumati and Peka Peka, which is part of their SH1 revocation work