Hello Spring!

Hello Spring!

Now that we’re into September, spring has officially arrived – despite the current freezing southerly and rain! Spring is time to shake off the darkness  of winter and look forward to the longer warm days ahead. What will you be doing to mark the new season?


It seems like blossom and lots of spring flowers such as daffodils have been out for a few weeks. Whether you’re raising veggies for the whole neighbourhood or just like a few flowers by the front door, spring is the season for getting your hands dirty  and getting the garden into shape.

Spring cleaning

There’s no better time to discard the unnecessary items that have piled up in your attic, basement, closets and corners. Clearing out that junk that has accumulated over the last few months or more is an excellent way of preparing for the summer, guests coming to stay and the onset of the silly season.

Play ball

A new season means a new set of sports. Whether it’s your kids (or you) gearing up for cricket,  softball, athletics, tennis or just getting excited for opening day, it’s time to get out walking and training to get fit before the season starts.

A change of wardrobe

After the cold and gloomy winter, spring sunshine makes your soul smile! Not only is the sun shining but you actually feel the warmth of that big yellow ball in the sky. This means revisiting what you wear each day. The woolly jumpers, long boots and heavy jackets are replaced with lighter shirts and pants, shoes and a colourful lightweight coat. Heavy duvets and blankets are also ditched – to be replaced by lighter and way more comfortable bedding.

Outdoor dining

Great weather means a change in your eating habits. There’s nothing like revisiting your favorite al fresco dining spots, digging out those barbecuing secrets, reconnecting with your salad recipes or investigating how to make great use of those fresh herbs popping up in the farmer’s market.

Making the most of those extra hours of daylight

The longer days of the spring mean there’s more time for nature walks, visiting parks and playing in the backyard. Keep your camera/phone handy and capture those moments of family time, nature encounters or just enjoying the outdoors and great weather.

Whatever you’ve got planned, it’s fun to think that warm weather and longer days are just around the corner. If you need any assistance with de-cluttering, or help with sourcing a good gardener/cleaner, contact heather@timegenie.co.nz or see our website and details below:

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