How much is your time worth?

How much is your time worth?

A very busy life juggling work, children, adolescents, elderly parents and other commitments, can become overwhelming. When do you get time for youself? Do you ever get out for a walk, catch up with friends or just curl up with a book? Probably the answer is no! However, taking time out is very important for your mental health and wellbeing - so something you can do is outsource some of those tasks that you find either impossible or a pain to complete.

Our ‘do-it-yourself’ Kiwi attitude can really get in the way of offloading those tasks to someone else. Here are some of the barriers that come to mind when outsourcing is suggested...

‘I can’t afford it’

Hiring someone to do those annoying tasks you don’t have time to do sounds very glamorous and in the realms of the rich and famous. However there are many people just like you who do get someone else to help complete the ‘to do’ list. There are personal concierge/errand service companies all over the world making a difference to thousands of others’ lives; ordinary people with work and families and busy, busy lives.

How much value do you place on your time? Imagine you decide you need a cleaner. How long will it take to research, find someone that meets your budget,  interview them, check their references... How convenient to send one email or a phone call to get someone else to that for you as well as a multitude of other tasks that are just sitting waiting for you... That’s priceless and gives you time to do more of what you love; including having quality time with family and friends.

‘I think I can just do all these things myself...’

A lots of people believe they can do it all – also known as ‘superhuman syndrome’. It’s possible you can – for a while, but our busy modern lives are relentless and so eventually there comes a point when suddenly you can’t. This most commonly presents itself as getting sick – and you hit the wall. I was in this situation a few years ago and the turning point for me was when I realised it was ok to ask for help. This didn’t make me weak – it actually made me stronger and my health and happiness improved.

‘It will take too long to explain what my needs are’

It might seem like hard work to explain what it is you need done, by when and how you would like it completed. However, chatting to someone about these tasks can really clarify exactly what you need and why. Also those in the personal concierge/errand running business are experienced at finding out what they need to know in a timely manner. The same would apply if you went to a personal trainer or a life coach. Their job is to forge positive relationships and build trust. Before long you will be wondering how you ever managed without them and the time that you spend explaining what your needs are is far outweighed by the time that you save being able to get on with the activities that you want to do.

‘The tasks won’t get done the way I would do them’

These businesses are built on trust and they want to do the tasks to the best of their ability. This might mean they do it differently but still attain the same results – it all depends on how much you want that end result.

‘I wouldn’t know what help to ask for’

There are some jobs we love to do and have no trouble doing them. Some people view gardening as a real chore, while others find it to be their happy place where they can have some ‘me’ time and watch the flowers (or veges) grow. However there are regular tasks that can be a pain – maybe it’s grocery shopping or doing the laundry. You resent the time they take and they somehow need to be fitted around everything else you are trying to do. These are the very best tasks to outsource first – and see what a difference it can make to your life. Imagine coming home to all your groceries purchased or your washing clean, dry and folded...

So – you’re a busy person. But how valuable is your time – to you?



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