Just around the corner...

Just around the corner...

As I write this, it is only two months until Christmas. How did the year whiz by so fast? It won’t be long before the decorations are up in shops and the ads on TV blast us with urgent messages about all the stuff we need to buy for our family and friends.

In the Northern Hemisphere it’s winter and all the Christmas carols about snow and cold make sense – so does the huge midday meal on the actual day. Workers and school children get a week or so off, then go back, to enjoy their long summer holidays in July - unimpeded by a major event.

Of course here we get the whole kit and kaboodle at once – end of the calendar year, Christmas and our summer holidays. This makes the lead up to the festive season very fraught and at time overwhelming. Although it might feel too early, there are some things that are worth doing at this stage so that your transition from work  to holiday mode is seamless and easy.

Gradual easing into Christmas – October:

  • If you haven’t done so already, organise your pets – catteries, kennels, petfeeders or friends who can look after any furbabies that you can’t take with you.
  • Mail deliveries – even though most of our mail is electronic we all still get masses of stuff in our letter boxes over the holiday season. These need clearing so that you are not advertising to the world you are away. Mail can be stopped or neighbours/your petfeeder can do this for you.
  • If you like to have a traditional Christmas or are expecting a lot of guests, making a Christmas cake or baking some goodies that can be frozen can save a lot of time later.
  • If you like to send Christmas cards, these are available now, also wrapping paper, so easy to pick up with your groceries at your supermarket.

That’s enough for October - but it’s a start. Watch out for a blog early November for the next instalment of preparing for the silly season!

If you need any help with getting ready for Christmas, contact heather@timegenie.co.nz or see www.timegenie.co.nz for our other services.



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