Kapiti Musician Christine White launches her new album

Kapiti Musician Christine White launches her new album

Press Release: Christine White

When the things that heal us hurt us and the things that hurt us heal us.

Kapiti Musician Christine White launched her new album to a sellout crowd, at St Peters Village Hall on Saturday.

Christine was delighted to play her songs alongside a stella line up of musicians backing her creating an amazing music experience for the audience.

The full band line-up is: Rick Cranson – Drums, Tim Jaray – Bass, Joe Callwood – Guitar, Ariana Tikao – Vocals, Holly Jane Ewens – Vocals, Sophie Pit – Vocals, Renee Redstall – Vocals, Peyton Morete – Vocals and Summer Galway – Vocals.

“Amazing Christine, I was quite blown away, really epic songs – I need to grab an album!” said one concert goer. Another said “awesome and emotionally moving, thanks for eloquently sharing your amazing journey with us not only through your beautiful songs but the stories that inspired those songs. What a special gift you have to deeply touch and inspire others.”

Christine says “this new album gathers not just my own personal heartbreaks but the various creative methodologies I've used and appreciated over time. Through images and symbols of conveyor belts, Russian dolls, turnstiles, and creatures of the deep, I've allowed myself to move through the world of metaphor. I stuck pictures up on my wall and I mined them. The pictures became collages, and the collages gave way to songs. The songs gave me the sense that the deepest parts of me had been heard.

I want very much to share this collection of songs with others, especially those who have experienced loss. It's easily the most personally true, heartfelt, and complete body of work I have ever produced. This album is a reminder for me, and I hope, a gift to all who want to listen.”