Make the most of your commute.

Make the most of your commute.

Living on the Kapiti Coast is fantastic – the beaches, the rivers, the bush, the weather – we have it all! However one down side if you’re working in town is the commute to Wellington. Every day thousands of people drive or catch the train/bus to work.  A regular commute can also be draining of both time and energy – especially if you are doing 5 days a week and spend that hour each way mindlessly trawling the web or on social media.

If you drive, you obviously really have to concentrate – especially with all the road works currently on State Highway 1! However, if you car pool or travel by public transport, there are ways to make the most of that travel time - to learn something valuable, win new clients or brainstorm ideas to help you build your business.

Here are some tips to help you make the most of every moment:

Plan your day

There is no better time than to review your calendar and prioritise your tasks. A well planned day will keep you get focused and ensure you are productive with your time

Catch up on reading

Apart from books and news, download interesting articles using your home wifi and read them on the go.

Get inspired & get into action

Catch up on inspiring speakers via TED Talks and You Tube. Starting the day with the right mindset is the difference between being super-productive and getting stuck in a pattern of not achieving much.

Record those light-bulb moments

The part of the trip that follows the water around Plimmerton/Paremata/Mana and then between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki, is relaxing and is the perfect time to think. You might like to keep a journal for those moments when inspirational ideas strike. When inspiration is flowing, it’s a great time to put a plan in place to see some of those ideas come to light.

Invoicing on the go

They say time is money – especially when you have your own business – so why not spend your time collecting some? There are various apps such as Xero that you can download onto your phone.  Use the time to invoice clients before your day is over. The sooner they receive your invoice, the sooner they can pay for your services.

Clear your mind

In the morning commuting is an excellent time to leave your home life behind, focus and prepare for the day ahead, then after a busy day clear your head before you get home to the busyness of family and dinner. I always find, the first glance of Kapiti Island on the homeward journey relaxes me and I leave my day behind and look forward to the evening ahead.

Good luck and happy commuting!

Based on an article by Dave of Charlie’s Angels Personal Concierge Service, Auckland


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