Kāpiti Coast District Council has asked their contractors to explain what has caused the recent resealing failure on Mazengarb Road and Guildford Drive in Paraparaumu.

Council’s Group Manager for Infrastructure, Sean Mallon, says Council’s maintenance contractor for chipseal works, Downer, have given an initial explanation that is based on poor weather being the cause of the failure.

Resealing work is sensitive to temperature changes and general weather conditions.

“As at midday today we’ve received just over 25 service requests about these works and we’re aware there may be further people who have contacted Downer directly,” Mr Mallon says.

“Service requests that we have passed through to Downers have included a few vehicle-related issues like damaged windscreens and stone chips. We’re aware that a number of residents have also requested bitumen in garages and vehicles be cleaned.”

Mr Mallon says Downers are responsible for dealing with any claims relating to damages people believe are a result of the failed chipseal. They should contact Downers directly or can contact the Council who will follow up on their behalf.

Council expects work to fix the road to start in the middle of this week when there is a sufficient period of good weather.

Downers are continuing to monitor the sites and will be sweeping any further loose chip as required.