New Zealand Basketball Academy Las Vegas Tour 2019

New Zealand Basketball Academy Las Vegas Tour 2019

A Two Day Training Camp & Trials is coming up this weekend (Sat 17 & Sun 18 November)for the New Zealand Basketball  Las Vegas USA 2019 Tour.

For the first Training Camp and Trials which was held in October we had several players from the Kapiti Region attend.

Whether players are wanting to be selected for the 2019 Las Vegas Tour or just wanting to increase their skill level, knowledge and Basketball IQ these camps are provide pathways for players to play at all levels.

Players from the  Kapiti Region Rachel Pike, Fraser Beggs & Atsuya Miyake, who were selected for the NZBA 2018 Las Vegas  Tour in July  have written up details on the Tour and the experience they had. All three players are trialling again this year along with several other Kapiti players.

Fraser Beggs  - Paraparaumu College Snr Boys Team

There are many steps that have to be followed in order to prepare and raise yourself for the style of play in America. These steps outline my main lesson that I learnt from my tour over in Vegas. After being selected for the 2017 tour last year I knew what it was being part of a focussed hardworking team and competing in the States, however this year I had a leadership role which meant I had to take a step up and work a little harder. I followed the necessary steps and was eager to get started as soon as we touched down off our 13 hour flight.

My highlight of the tournament would be without a doubt the two day West Coast Elite camp I participated in on my two off days. This gave me the opportunity to play with players from across America whilst being coached and scouted by over 30 University coaches. I was stoked with my performance, plus it was a golden opportunity to meet new people and communicate with the University Coaches to get a taste of what the scholarship pathway would be like. It has been a dream of mine to get a scholarship to an American University for a long time, so this camp was a great opportunity to get exposed to these coaches plus provide me with a clearer idea of how hard I need to work in order to achieve this.

What I learnt from this is that if you’re not willing to put 100% effort into your passion, you’re not going to make it. I had put 100% into this trip, and it was sure worth it, even though as a team we did not win as much as we would’ve liked, I definitely have grown from this tour. For a consecutive year it has been a highlight of my life and a memory that won’t be overlooked for a long time to come. I will now work a little bit harder, and learn a little bit more so I can trial again for next year’s tour and hopefully be spotted by a college coach and keep following the pursuit of my dream.

Rachel Pike – Paraparaumu College Snr Girls Team

I was one of 10 players selected by NZBA (New Zealand Basketball Academy) for this years under 15 girls Las Vegas tour. This year’s Vegas tour was one of the greatest experiences of my basketball life. I have been a part of the NZBA Las Vegas community since July 2017's Las Vegas tour (last 2 years) and have loved every second of their development and learning programs. Being 16 years old, and only starting to play basketball at 13, I feel that the NZBA programs have been a huge impact in helping me improve my skills as I strive to achieve my basketball goals. The Las Vegas Tour has exposed me to the world of basketball, not only the physicality of the sport, but most importantly the head game. Being a 'baller' for the past three years has not only given me physical strength, but mental strength within my mana. The toughness of USA basketball is far more superior than anywhere else and being given the opportunity to travel over there and experience it for myself, is such an honour for me! We participated in 3 tournaments over the two and a half weeks in Vegas. Not only were the tournaments amazing, the positive energy and supportive culture from NZBA around campus made everyone feel like family - absolutely phenomenal. Experiencing living as a student athlete with all the love and support surrounding you is like no other. UNLV became like home for me. The people, unlimited supply of food and cozy dorms fit right up my alley - as it did for everyone else. I am so grateful for these opportunities that have been awarded to me.

Atsuya Miyake: Kapiti College Snr Boys Team

I am an international student at Kapiti College. I came from Japan especially to play basketball with coach Angelo Robinson. I had heard that another Japanese student came to Kapiti and he went to Las Vegas with Angelo. It was my dream to go there also. 

I joined Angelo's basketball academy and tried out for the Las Vegas Tournament Team. I got chosen and went to play in the tournament. It was such a good experience. I played12 games and the team played really well. When we played there was lots of noise and colour. The best thing for me was meeting American players who were all so tall. 

My team mates were very kind to me and helped me in various situations. Basketball has helped me grow up more and see that anything is possible if you try really hard. I enjoyed the games and the shopping.


Angelo Robinson
Director of Coaching
Hoop Club Kapiti

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