No8 Wire Week kicks off next week

Kāpiti Coast District Council’s Sustainable Communities Kāpiti kicks off its annual No8 Wire Week programme next week and promises to deliver 12 days of engaging community events to the District. 

 Sustainable Communities coordinator Vanessa Crowe says she’s excited to deliver this year’s programme, which focuses on supporting community-led action, reducing waste and encouraging the use of local food. The programme includes art exhibitions, workshops, guest speakers, community meals, film screenings, and community swaps.

 “The two-week event is brimming with activities for the community, led by the community. We’re proud to work with community groups and individuals to make these things happen. From children to adults, or the whole family, we have something for everyone wanting to learn and get into it.”

 “The programme is all about supporting community-led action to reduce environmental impacts. We encourage people to take action to protect the local environmental, share resources and skills, foster biodiversity, use sustainable transport, reduce waste, cultivate local food, and build resilience. These are all things that help reduce our ecological footprint.”

 Ms Crowe says that No8 Wire Week is a popular programme on the Kāpiti Coast and coincides with school holidays, so events fill up fast. Visit Eventbrite/No8wireweek to register, or for more information and a full programme peek, visit our website.