PRESS RELEASE: Operations and Finance – Investment Funds 17 August 2018

“It’s clear that Guy Burns isn’t going to let the facts get in the way of some more grandstanding,” says Operations and Finance Committee Chair, Councillor Michael Scott.

“The simple fact is Councils finances are looking better than they have been in at least the last five years,” Cr Scott said. “We are declaring a surplus of one million dollars across the organisation” said Cr Scott. “Perhaps Mr Burns just missed that in the papers he didn’t read for yesterday’s meeting.”

“The discussions for a resilience fund and a growth fund have been the subject of public workshops during the development of the LTP” says Cr Michael Scott.

“A draft LTP was available for comment where this concept was specifically set out for discussion.  Nothing has been slipped into anything,” says Cr Michael Scott.  “The fact that Mr Burns seems to have just stumbled across them is of concerns said Cr Scott – perhaps if he wasn’t away for 5 months at a time Mr Burns  would have a better grasp what was happening at the council table.

“Cr Scott is urging Mr Burns to get to the briefings and if he doesn’t understand then ask questions, not burst aimlessly into print.”  “The simple fact of the matter is council has not drawn down one cent for these funds.  We are still diligently working through a structured process,” said Cr Michael Scott.