The Waikanae outdoor pool opens for the summer season on Monday 5 November

The much loved Waikanae outdoor pool will open its doors on Monday 5 November for the start of a busy summer season.

“It’s a popular destination and our district’s only outdoor pool, so be sure to pay a visit,” says Sean Mallon, Group Manager Infrastructure Services.

Mr Mallon says the summer hotspot will also soon take on another important role for Kāpiti, as it’s set to be the new location for measuring our district’s official temperatures.

“In late November we’ll be relocating the Metservice’s weather station – a small pole used for measuring atmospheric temperatures – from the Kāpiti Coast Airport to the pool’s court yard.”

The Council’s decision to re-locate the station came about after District Councillor, Mike Cardiff, questioned whether the airport was the best place for measuring the temperature for the district.

“Waikanae and Ōtaki boast some of the highest temperatures in the district, yet we weren’t seeing them reflected in our daily temperatures,” says Councillor Cardiff.

“The Waikanae pool is further inland and closer to district’s centre, which means we’ll be able to get temperatures that better represent the warm climate we enjoy on the Kāpiti Coast.”

“I’d like to thank the Metservice for agreeing to this small, but significant, decision.”

Pool opening hours won’t be affected by the installation of the weather station.