Time to invest in YOU

Time to invest in YOU

Our lives are so busy and these days it seems that any kind of lifestyle that includes relaxation or self-care feels like something you can only hope to enjoy ‘at some later date’. We have become so used to this frenetic pace that we accept that this is ‘just the way it is’.

If you are beginning to feel like a mouse on a wheel, with your life spinning out of control, consider these points. Do you:

  • leave for work before 7am?
  • recall the last time you did any exercise – outside running for the bus/train?
  • usually arrive home in the dark?
  • have lots of leave because you feel you can’t time off?
  • nibble on a cracker from the staff tea room for lunch and eat dinner sometime after 8.00pm?
  • know your kids/fur babies spend more time with a screen than with you?
  • feel bad because you never have quality time with your partner/significant other?
  • only talk to friends on Facebook and haven’t seen any of them ‘live’ in months
  • feel guilty about family/friends when you are at work, and stressed about work when you are not there?
  • spend any ‘free’ time managing domestic tasks.


If so, it is time to take stock and look at what you can do to take back some control. This is important not only for you, but for those who love you. As the old adage goes – no one lies on their death bed wishing they had spent more time at work! There are many studies that link stress with health issues such as heart disease, depression, strokes and premature aging; so, you owe it to yourself and your friends and family to just Stop. And. Breathe.


What can you do to make your life more balanced and enjoyable? As strange as it sounds, the answer is investing time in yourself…

  • Meet with your manager and discuss your workload. Can it be reduced? Better shared with others? Can you negotiate a more flexible working arrangement?
  • At work, consider walking meetings. These are the perfect way to exercise, enjoy some fresh air and get some productive work done.
  • Pack a simple, healthy lunch – maybe a sandwich, muesli bar and a piece of fruit.
  • Plan a holiday and put your annual leave form to your employer – today!
  • Enrol in an exercise class – yoga, pilates, zumba or pole dancing. It doesn’t matter as long it is something you enjoy and will get your heart pumping and your body moving!
  • Join a singing group. There is strong evidence that singing with others produces those feel good hormones and helps you deal with stress.
  • Catch up with friends over lunch. Everyone has to eat – use that time to catch up with friends, family and co-workers
  • Outsource domestic activities - especially those you hate doing/or find hard.


Once you have taken some action and achieved a little more balance – you can spend more time living.





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