Update on Mazengarb Road and Guildford Drive tar seal issues

The Council has instructed Downers to asphalt Mazengarb Road and Guildford Drive.

“Repairs to these roads have been carried out multiple times since the original chip seal work was done in April 2018, and we don’t accept that this method is a viable long term solution,” says Sean Mallon, Group Manager Infrastructure Services.

“We’re now asking Downers to discontinue the re-chipping of Mazengarb Road and Guildford Drive and asphalt the roads instead. This will put an end to the problems we’ve been experiencing with the tar seal and provide a better quality road surface in the long-term.”

“The Council is frustrated with the on-going road surface issues and the problems it’s caused for motorists, pedestrians, and particularly, residents.”

Work over the weekend is still required in advance of asphalt works. Council will be able to confirm early next week as to the program of works for asphalting.