What does Wellness mean to you in the 21st Century?

It’s said that Wellness in the 21st Century is about staying well.

Most people have heard the Erasmus quote ‘Prevention is better than cure’ and others may also be familiar with the Benjamin Franklin axiom that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. 

Modern medicine is overwhelmingly reactive rather than proactive.  Get sick, seek medical help.  It is better to prevent disease rather than to try to find cures for diseases after they occur.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

In this 21st Century, there are lots of ways and opportunities for us to be proactive and take responsibility for our own wellness.  We can break down ‘wellness’ into several different categories, for example physical wellness, environmental wellness, personal wellness etc etc.

Physical Wellness

“We are what we eat”, is another well-known quote.  The original translation “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are” can also hold true today.

Possibly the most famous quote in this regard is attributed to Hippocrates.  “Let Food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.  Hippocrates was an important figure in the history of medicine because he was among the earliest to assert that diseases were caused by natural processes rather than the gods and because of his emphasis on the careful observation and documentation of patient history and physical findings, which led to the discovery of physical signs associated with diseases of specific organs. 

Broadly, we should always start with the food we eat, but science now shows us that it’s very challenging to get adequate nutrition from today’s food.  For example, we know that soils all around the world have become depleted during the last century and if the minerals are not in the soils then they are not in the vegetables and fruit that are grown in that soil.  When you add to the fact that our foods are generally not as nutritious today, the additional demands on the body from the lifestyles that most people now lead, the importance and benefits of supplementing our ‘diets’ with additional high-quality vitamins and minerals becomes evident.

Two major threats to long-term health and wellness are free radicals and inflammation.  It is known that they can cause degenerative conditions and ageing.  They are a shared component in many illnesses of middle and old age. They may cause an inflammatory response in your body when it is not supplied with the nutrition it needs.  But that’s a whole topic for another blog…  For now, we’ve begun talking about wellness in the context of what goes in our mouth.  In future blogs we’ll look at other aspects of wellness including personal wellness (including what goes on our skin) and environmental wellness (what’s in the environment around us).

Wellness Shopping Coach

Did you know that today you can enjoy the benefits of a Wellness Shopping Coach?  Why would you want one?  Perhaps you can identify with some of these benefits:

To cut through the clutter of researching what products best meet your needs and the needs of your family; to save you time and money by setting up an account for you to shop online direct with the manufacturer for your everyday household items (except food); to shop any time of the day or night at your convenience and have the products delivered conveniently to your door (saves time at the supermarket and carting as many bags home). To have a clear conscience that you are buying quality household products with no toxic ingredients or harsh chemicals and doing your bit to care for the environment at the same time.  And not least to know that you have support and are in control of your shopping and your family’s wellness.  And the good news is that in some cases you can have the benefits of a Complimentary Wellness Shopping Coach.

To close, to share this quote I like, ”Add life to your years and years to your life”.  Fitting, I think to express and to strive for as wellness in the 21st century. 


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