Why you should review your finances

Why you should review your finances

Wouldn’t it be great if we could grow our own money tree? Would you nurture it or just leave it to its own devices? No matter how much or how little disposable income you have it’s always wise to review what you are spending your hard earned money on. Busy people often waste money as they do not have the time to look into and review things. Always rushing leads to making bad choices on purchases.

Top things that are worth reviewing.

  1. Gas and electric – review yours when you come to the end of deal and compare to other companies. What’s my number makes it really to do this for electricity .
  2. Insurance – review yours to ensure that your important possessions are covered but that you don’t have more insurance than you really need.
  3. If you have savings  - are they in the best place for your future short and long term?
  4. How much are you spending on your groceries? Could you get them cheaper or better quality elsewhere? If not, review what you are buying. Are you throwing food away at the end of the week?
  5. Lunch – are you buying lunch out a lot? How about a few times a week make your own. Left overs from  dinner make a great lunch.  Grabbing food on the go is expensive and usually unhealthy.
  6. After works drinks – does a quick drink after work happen more than a few times a month? Does it turn into all night? Maybe a few times a week? Have fun and be social but set yourself a limit to how often.
  7. Coffee – how many times do you buy a take away coffee? Try taking a coffee in a flask in the morning or make one at work.
  8. Debt – look at your credit card deal? Is it working for you? Is the interest rate and fees charged the best for you? If you look around you will find there are many competitive deals available.

With all the savings build an emergency fund. What if something goes wrong with the car, an appliance dies or your need something for the house? This fund could save you!

If you’re too busy to look into to saving money, let me do the research for you. Maybe you’d like someone to sit down with you, and go through ideas. If you need a helping hand please contact:

Heather Knewstubb
Time Genie Personal Concierge Services
Kapiti Coast
Ph: 022 394 8493